manutenzione preventiva


GMV Macchine Utensili srl offers preventive maintenance contracts for KITAMURA machining centres.
This is not an extension of the warranty, but a separate one-year contract for carrying out scheduled maintenance.

The package includes:

- 2 annual inspections to check the state of the machine as regards production efficiency
- Discounts for special repairs
- Discounts on replacement parts
- Preferential telephone support
- Discounts on programming and training courses for customer personnel


- Constant monitoring of machine efficiency
- Prevention of unexpected and catastrophic breakdowns involving stopping production work
- Improved productivity and no unscheduled machine downtime
- Increased operator safety
- Compliance to safety regulations (in Italy: Legislative Decree No. 81/2008)
- Preserved value of machinery over time
- Monitoring of operating costs
- Fewer service calls
- Less servicing costs
- Less costs for replacement parts
- Less waiting time when expecting replacement parts
- Fast track response to service calls
- Continuous dedicated support with free calls

With reference to health and safety requirements, employers are responsible for ensuring that whatever they provide to their workers to carry out their functions safely must conform with the relevant laws and regulations (Legislative Decree No. 81/2008).

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